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In most instances Expression Engine’s default method of organizing channel entry content by date works perfectly well. For example, you may have a “news” page dedicated to showing entries in your news channel- by default the most recent entry will appear at the top, exactly where you’d want it. For the Serenity Health and Wellness website we needed a different approach. We defined channels for the main pages and utilized each entry as a “sub-page” or section of the main navigation. The “first” entry in the channel became the default entry for the main page and subsequent entries populated a sub-nav.

Reorder In Practice

We could have explained to the doctors at SHW that they should change the entry dates of each entry to affect the order in which they appeared, but it seemed like a hackneyed approach. Instead, Low’s Reorder module, a 2.x compatible version of Elwin Zuiderveld’s Reeorder module, was the perfect solution.

Reorder works on a simple principle: a hidden field assigned a numeric value. The module supplies this value when you reorder your entries, setting your channel entry tags to “orderby” the Low Reorder field is really all that you need to do! (It’s important to note here that since our implementation of Low’s Reorder module for Serenity Health & Wellness subsequent builds have been released incorporating even more functionality.)

{exp:channel:entries channel="channel_name" disable="member_data|categories|pagination" status="open" dynamic="no" orderby="entry_order_custom_field_name" sort="asc"}

After installing the module we added a custom field to our main field group and assigned it’s field type as “Low Reorder.” Using the tab manager we placed links to the individual “reorder” pages in the Expression Engine control panel’s main navigation- this made access to the module for the doctors at SHW easy and unforgettable: we could have walked them through finding the module by navigating through the “Add-Ons” link in EE’s Control Panel navigation, but the simplest path is always the most direct-  and once the doctors saw the drag and drop functionality of the module that part of our CP training was instantly over.

Reorder Entries


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